Steam store gets new redesigned layout, curated to the user

Valve has improved the Steam store over the years in terms of how user friendly it is, but in its latest update it’s as personal as it has ever been before. Let’s go over what’s new and what has been improved.

Easy Access Wishlisting

Now when you see a thumbnail on the store’s homepage there’s a drop down menu on the top right that allows you to quickly and easily add that product to your wishlist. You can also tag that you are not interested in it from this menu causing it to not appear on your store anymore. Continue reading “Steam store gets new redesigned layout, curated to the user”


Why I almost gave up on gaming and how Dark Souls saved me

If you’ve ready any of my past posts, you’d know that I’ve been gaming since my early childhood, and I’ve always thought it would stay that way too. I never thought there would be a large enough reason for me to give up on something I love more than just about anything. But of course, as life goes, I started to get thoughts of doubt, thoughts of uncertainty for the future of me being a gamer and the game industry as a whole. Continue reading “Why I almost gave up on gaming and how Dark Souls saved me”

My Top 10 Indie Titles

About a week ago, I was sitting at my desktop and decided I wanted to play a video game, as I do quite often. I pulled up my Steam library and started to peruse my options. “Dota? Nah, I don’t feel like pulling my hair out. Fallout 4? I never enjoy my time playing that game anymore.” I scrolled for a bit and decided, “Ahh, there’s a game I haven’t played in a while, and one I very much enjoy too.” Faster than Light was the game I decided to spend my time with, and I enjoyed every minute I played of it. Continue reading “My Top 10 Indie Titles”

How Silent Hill 2 shines as a horror title after all these years.

Well here it goes, my first blog post with actual content. I decided since I’m just now starting this, I should do something that’s fresh in my mind, and actually it’s a 16 year old game that’s been consuming my thoughts lately. My friend Cohen and I have discussed video games quite a bit over the years, and one he frequently brought up was the Silent Hill series. He’s a huge fan and every time he brought it up I would get more interested, but I didn’t have a working platform to play it on. Eventually he suggested I visit his place and we could play through it together. And after finishing it, I have to say Silent Hill 2 is one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I have had to date. Continue reading “How Silent Hill 2 shines as a horror title after all these years.”