Welcome to my blog!

Hello there, my name is Tyler, and if you have somehow managed to find my blog, congratulations, you’re one of few, (hopefully just for the time being). But I suppose this is the part where I introduce myself, yeah?

This is me, in probably the best photo you will ever find of me

Well for starters I’m on first year of college and already a failing engineering student, which is exciting huh? This is why I’ve shifted my focus over to something I enjoy much more, video games! I enjoy writing on topics I know a lot about and am very interested in, so I decided to create this blog to share my rants and ramblings on anything gaming related, since I’ve been captivated by gaming since I was a toddler. A friend of my parents gave me his 64 when he got a PS2 in 2001. My earliest memories of gaming were having my mom read to me what toad was telling me in Super Mario 64 and running Link mindlessly through Clocktown without accomplishing anything, since I was only 3 years old. Ever since that first day of gaming, I don’t think I’ve missed a week without gaming in some way or form. I hope to one day write for a gaming news site, as it’s something that I know will keep my interest and also I can be around like-minded people in my everyday life. Gaming isn’t my only passion however, as I love just about any kind of music you can throw at me. I may post occasionally about albums I’m really enjoying. The main focus however is gaming and everything that’s holding my interest in the industry, as well as anything I may be experiencing personally through a video game. Thank you for visiting and hopefully you stick around for more!